The ControlAir Type-6500 aluminum and Type-6600 stainless steel volume boosters are 1:1 signal to output relays that are utilized in applications that require high flow capacity. Typically they are used to increase throttling speed of large volume valve actuators. They are suitable for either diaphragm or piston actuators.

Norwegian Valve group AS is certified with Management System Sertificate ISO 9001:2008. This Certificate is valid for manufacturing/supplying following products/services:
Supply of Valves and Valve solutions with connected products to Oil and Gas Industry, shipping industry and landbased process industry.

Achilles JQS (Joint Qualification System) er et leverandørregister og en løsning for kvalifisering som brukes av innkjøperne i den norske og danske olje- og gassektoren for å håndtere leverandørinformasjon og risiko i leveringskjeden, og for effektive innkjøp i samsvar med EUs regelverk.

J.S.Cock AS (JSC), Prosessventiler AS (PV) and Norwegian Valve Group AS (NVG) are all companies owned by Jotobico Holding AS (JOTHOL), a private family company owned by the Cock family.

The World's First Fire Safe Composite Ball Valve.

High Pressure Ball Valves for corrosive chemical service used in construction of pressurized piping systems where API-607 Fire Test rating is required.

Norwegian Valve Group AS has signed an agreement with ControlAir Inc. for sales and distribution of their products in Norway. The agreement includes regulators, filters, boosters and I/P, E/P, P/I converters. All products available in SS316.

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