Fire Safe Composite Ball Valve

The World's First Fire Safe Composite Ball Valve.

High Pressure Ball Valves for corrosive chemical service used in construction of pressurized piping systems where API-607 Fire Test rating is required.

Materials of Construction

Body: Compression molded  fiberglass reinforced Bis-A epoxy resin, graphite roving core wrap, with fire retardant
Gland: Hastelloy-C with integral locking plate
Stem: Hastelloy-C metal insert with molded glass fiber/ epoxy composite on all wetted surfaces
Gland Bolts: Hastelloy-C
Stem Packing: FKM O-Rings. PTFE V-Rings Optional
Thrust Washer: Glass and carbon-filled PTFE
Insert: Compression molded  fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin  (8) Seals: PTFE-coated Viton O-ring
Ball: Compression molded glass fibers and epoxy resin
Seats: Virgin PTFE.  Glass-filled and cavity-filler seats available. (11) Handle: PPA-FRP (1”-4”). Stainless Steel handle adapter (6”). All handles have locking provision. Gears available.

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